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3rdH rom1SE 2018 E-Stim Player Pack
Version 3.30
The 3rdH E-Stim Player is a sexual electrostimulator. When used, it produces sensual pleasure which grows and increases to produce one or more orgasms. The 3rdH E-Stim Player is designed for use when travelling, as well as at home. Its commands and programs are intuitive to use. You can also adjust them as you wish. Powered by batteries specially selected and fitted by 3rdH, the 3rdH rom1SE 2018 E-Stim Player provides intense pleasure, free from time limitations. The integral NOVA-S© generator and auto-sleep display make it even more efficient, extending battery life. The new-look case is produced from high quality PLA. The robust, modular design makes it easier for the user to care for their device. To optimise the quality of sensations produced by the 3rdH E-Stim Player, this Pack comes with the 3rdH Premium E-Stim cable.
USD 470,00

Technical specifications
  • Line input sampling rate16kHz
  • Converter resolution8-bits 2 channels
  • Frequency modulationadjustable from 0.1Hz to 300Hz
  • Carrier frequencyadjustable from 50Hz to 8000Hz
  • Pulse widthadjustable from 50µs to 500µs
  • Phase between channels A and Badjustable from 0° to 180°
  • Rise time1µs
  • Ouput currentadjustable from 0mA to 100mA
  • Memory cardSDHC FAT32
  • WAV player8-bits 16kHz stereo WAV format files
  • Power stagesymmetrical stereo
  • Battery lifeup to 8 hours
  • DimensionsHeight 15cm x Width 9cm x Thickness 3cm
  • Weight360g
- Record and play back 3rdH and Audio E-Stim sessions on your SDHC card.
- NOVA-S© 3rdH customizable inegrated generator.
- Stereo line input for external generator.
- Timer control for automatically start session.
- 3rdH audio digital processing exclusively developed for electrostimulation.
- Play back your 8-bit 16KHz stereo WAV files with your 3rdH Player.
- Display with advanced power save mode.
- 31 customizable presets with Prog mode.
- Enjoy your 3rdH rom1SE for more than 8 hours between charges.
- High performance 3rdH battery.
- Lock your 3rdH Player to prevent anyone else using it.
By purchasing the 3rdH rom1SE 2018 Player Pack, I agree to the general terms of sale.
The 3rdH Player will only operate from a rechargeable battery incorporated into the device.
The 3rdH is not suitable for use by pregnant women, anyone with a heart condition or anyone with a pacemaker.
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